North Providence School District

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North Providence, RI 02911

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Welcome to Greystone Elementary!

Dear Parents and Guardians,
It is my sincere hope that this letter finds each of you happy, healthy, and excited about the start
of a new school year! It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to
you as the newly appointed principal of Greystone Elementary School. I certainly am honored to
join the North Providence School Department, which is well regarded for offering all students a
high quality education.
My passion for education has been shaped over the past 15 years as an elementary special
education teacher and lead teacher/consultant for the Smithfield School Department’s
Elementary Consultation Program. Most recently I was an Assistant Special Education Director
at the West Bay Collaborative in Warwick, RI. In each of my roles, I have worked with many
children in grades K-6. I supported teachers, paraprofessionals, related service providers and
families to guarantee student success. I am excited and eager to join the Greystone school
community and work with you as a partner in education to ensure your child's success.
Alongside the teachers and staff, I intend to work hard to continue to make Greystone
Elementary a safe, healthy, and happy environment where your child reaches their fullest
potential. I believe in building meaningful, strong relationships with parents/guardians, students
and community partners. I look forward to meeting your child as the first day of school can not
come quick enough for me!
My hope is to be a visible leader alongside your child in the cafeteria, playground, and in the
classroom. It is particularly important to me that your child feels safe and respected at our
school. If you ever have a concern please do not hesitate to contact me at the school or through
email. I believe open communication is very important and encourage you to reach out to our
school staff, office, and myself with any questions/concerns you may have during the year.
I will be attending the Greystone PTA meeting on Tuesday, August 21st at 6:30 pm at the North
Providence Library (next to the high school). Please feel free to join us at the PTA meeting as it
would be wonderful to meet and speak with the parents/guardians of Greystone Elementary. I
look forward to meeting you and thank you in advance for welcoming me into this exemplary
school community.
Kind regards,
Stefanie Lafleur
Principal, Greystone Elementary