North Providence School District

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North Providence, RI 02904
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2012 NEASC Report

A visiting committee of sixteen evaluators was assigned by the Commission on Public Secondary Schools to evaluate North Providence High School.  The Committee members spent four days in North Providence, reviewed the self-study documents which had been prepared for their examination, met with administrators, teachers, other school and system personnel, students, and parents, shadowed students, visited classes, and interviewed teachers to determine the degree to which the school meets the Commission's Standards for Accreditation.  Since the evaluators represented public school teachers, building level administrators, and central office administrators, diverse points of view were brought to bear on the evaluation of North Providence High School.  
The visiting committee built its professional judgment on evidence collected from the following sources:
  • review of the school's self-study materials
  • 30 hours shadowing 15 students for a half day
  • a total of 20 hours of classroom observation (in addition to time shadowing students)
  • numerous informal observations in and around the school
  • tours of the facility
  • individual meetings with 22 teachers about their work, instructional approaches, and the assessment of student learning
  • group meetings with students, parents, school and district administrators, and teachers
  • the examination of student work including a selection of work collected by the school
            Each conclusion on the report was agreed to by visiting committee consensus.  Sources of evidence for each conclusion drawn by the visiting committee appear in parenthesis in the Standards sections of the report.  The seven Standards for Accreditation reports include commendations and recommendations that in the visiting committee’s judgment will be helpful to the school as it works to improve teaching and learning and to better meet Commission Standards.  
This report of the findings of the visiting committee will be forwarded to the Commission on Public Secondary Schools which will make a decision on the accreditation of North Providence High School.
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