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Attendance Policies

For the most thorough information, parents should read and be familiar with both the Student Handbook and the School Calendar. Other Information can be found in the Documents section below. 

Following are basic rules on Attendance, Early Dismissal , and Tardiness


ABSENTEEISM Attendance at school is mandated by Rhode island General Law 16-19-1(as amended from time to time) for those students who have not reached their sixteenth birthday. After that date, students are in school on a voluntary basis and submit to the state mandate as a condition of enrollment. It is clear to all connected with schools, that attendance at school, in addition to the legal considerations, is absolutely necessary for academic success. Regular attendance at school results in a sense of responsibility, which is necessary for success in the workplace. 

1. Daily attendance for all students in the district is mandatory.

2. Parents/guardians are required to submit a written excuse for each period of absence or late arrival to school.

3. The cooperation of parent/guardians in not scheduling personal appointments during the day is expected.

4. A parent/guardian must call the school to notify of a student’s absence.

5. Repeated unexcused absences from school will result in a parent conference and detention may be assigned consistent with the amount of time lost from school.

Continue unexcused absences from school will result in a referral to the Truant Officer. Resources at the school level (nurses, social workers, truant officer) may be utilized, if necessary, for truancy issues.

6. Repeated tardiness to school is also unacceptable. The time lost from school by the student, and the time lost to classes by the interruptions of late students, is unproductive. Punctuality must be developed and maintained during the school year.

7. Repeated lateness may result in a student’s suspension or other discipline.

8. Students must be in their assigned rooms at a time specified by the principal. When students enter school grounds, all school regulations pertain. They are to report to their homeroom area and enter the assigned room as soon as it is opened.

9. The North Providence School Department may initiate waywardness proceedings in the Rhode Island Family Court based upon a student’s truancy.

Approved by the North Providence School Committee: August 25, 2010

a. Before initiating any such proceeding, school personnel shall undertake all reasonable, educationally sound, corrective actions to address the student’s attendance issues, and document in writing the actions taken.

b. No such proceeding shall be initiated against a student who does not have at least ten (10) unexcused absences during any given semester.

c. Absences resulting from illness, a diagnosed chronic medical condition, diagnosed mental health issues, a legitimate fear of being bullied that has arisen following the submission of a written or formal complaint reported or filed with the police and/or school officials and until the merits of the complaint have been determined by the police or school officials, an in or out-of-school suspension, or a documented family emergency (e.g., unanticipated and emergency childcare needs, funeral, illness of parent, etc.) shall not be considered unexcused.

d. Students shall not be required to provide a note from a physician or other health care professional for absences resulting from illness unless the student has been absent for more than five (5) consecutive school days as a result of the illness.

10. Grades may be reduced in accordance with class work (including classroom participation), projects, quizzes and tests missed during any unexcused absences.

Appeals Process for Excessive Absence

Loss of credit due to excessive absence from school may be appealed to the building principal in writing. A parent or guardian dissatisfied with the decision of the building principal may appeal to the superintendent’s office in writing. If the parent or guardian is still dissatisfied at that level, the final appeal may be addressed to the North Providence School Committee in writing.

Early Dismissal

With the exception of cases pertaining to health or due to emergency, students will not be dismissed from school during the day without prior written permission from a parent. Medical excuse for appointments must be submitted within 48 hours and must have authorization from a parent or doctor. The appropriate assistant principal will approve other requests for dismissal. Students must report to the Office for a dismissal slip before leaving school. THEY ARE REMINDED THAT CLASSES MISSED AS A RESULT OF EARLY DISMISSAL COUNT TOWARDS A LOSS OF CREDIT UNLESS IT IS DUE TO A MEDICAL APPOINTMENT.on the student's Emergency Card and proper identification will be required. 


Any student entering school after 7:35 is considered tardy and must report immediately to the main office for a tardy slip. If a student is tardy after 7:45 a.m., s/he must present a note or have a parent present in order to be admitted into school. This, however, still counts as a tardy. Also, if the student exceeds the limit of 3 tardies s/he will receive the proper discipline from his\her assistant principal. A student will receive one hour of detention after three (3) excused latenesses and after one (1) unexcused tardy. Students are reminded that all tardiness to school that results in missing more than 15 minutes of a class will be an absence counted toward a loss of credit unless an assistant principal has given prior authorization. A student who is tardy to school ten (10) times will be suspended on the tenth tardy and every tardy after that. After 25 tardies a parent is required to come to school with the student for each and every tardy after that point.