North Providence School District

1828 Mineral Spring  Avenue
North Providence, RI 02904
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Course of Study

The Mission of North Providence High School is to educate all students in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment which empowers them to become well-rounded individuals who are life-long learners and productive members of society. Further, the North Providence High School community has identified core values and beliefs which guide every aspect of our educational program. These core values & beliefs are reflected in 21st century learning expectations in the areas of knowledge, problem-solving, communication, and responsibility. These research based academic, civic, and social expectations specify what all students should know and be able to do upon graduation.
Our educational program is designed to engage students in active, collaborative learning that emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills to be applied to real-world concepts. Further, we believe that an educational program which is academically challenging and studentcentered will provide our young adults with a strong foundation for future success in higher education and the global marketplace.
In developing a personalized program for each student, we remain committed to maintaining clear, rigorous, and demanding standards which encompass all the necessary skills that students must demonstrate in order to succeed as responsible citizens of the 21st Century. These standards define what we expect of our students and assist us in identifying strategies to support effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices in every classroom.
As students select a program of study, it would be wise to discuss plans with teachers, counselors, and family members so that careful consideration can be made in developing a personalized plan which addresses all of the students’ educational needs.