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Diploma System & Graduation Requirements


NPHS requires a composite measure of each student’s overall proficiency in six core academic areas: English, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology. These six core content areas are aligned to state adopted standards and locally adopted national standards in those content areas for which there are no state standards. (Beginning in 2015, proficiency shall be based on the Common Core Standards.) This composite measure shall be derived from a conjunctive review of three sources of evidence: (1) individual student results on state assessments in content areas designated by the Board of Regents; and (2) successful course completion; and (3) successful completion of two performance-based diploma assessments. In order to be eligible for a diploma, students must meet state and local requirements in all three areas. Board of Regents (BoR) Regulations



A minimum amount of 20 credits is required for graduation


SUBJECT                                                            NUMBER OF CREDITS REQUIRED TO GRADUATE

     English                                                                                                   4

     Science  (Biology required)                                                               3  

     Social Studies (Amer. Hist./Civics I & II required)                        3                                                            

     Mathematics                                                                                         4 (3 math, 1 math-related)

     Physical Education (4 years)                                                            1.5

     Health (4 Quarters)                                                                             .5

     Fine Arts                                                                                                .5 

     Technology                                                                                           .5 

     Electives                                                                                      3 minimum


All students must attempt a minimum of seven (7) credits each year.



Senior Project.   All seniors are required to complete a senior project as part of the English IV curriculum which is a requirement for graduation.  The nationally certified senior project is aligned to the school’s Graduation Expectations, as well as appropriate state/national standards, and also serves as an important vehicle to assess students’ college are career readiness.  Seniors must choose a field of interest, complete at least sixteen (16) hours of independent work with a community mentor in the field, maintain a log and reflective journal, write a college research paper about the topic, assemble a portfolio of the experience, create a fine arts component, develop two forms of mathematical visual presentation, and deliver a culminating oral presentation before community judges.

Portfolio Requirement.  NPHS requires students to develop portfolios to demonstrate mastery of specific skills and competencies. School-wide and department guidelines have been developed for the portfolio requirement. Throughout the school year, students and teachers work collaboratively to assemble a portfolio of student work in every class. The class portfolios serve as the basis for the development of a cumulative Graduation Portfolio which demonstrates student mastery of the school’s Graduation Expectations and state/local standards in English, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.


Commencing with the graduating class of 2014, students shall be required to reach a minimum achievement level on the state assessments in English Language Arts reading and mathematics as designated by the BoR. If the student does not meet the minimum level necessary on state assessments, the student will have a written progress plan developed and the student will be required to retake the relevant state assessment. If after retaking the state assessment the student does not meet the required level of achievement or make progress toward proficiency, the student may demonstrate graduation readiness through successful completion of a Regents-approved alternative assessment. If a student is unable to demonstrate graduation readiness through the state assessment or testing alternative, the student may apply for a waiver of the state assessment portion of the graduation requirements. Waivers may be granted in rare cases in which the state assessment is not a valid means of determining the proficiency of individual students. Waiver eligibility will be considered only for those students for whom (1) there is a preponderance of evidence of academic content mastery consistent with BoR regulations and (2) the student has completed the sequence of testing requirements set forth in this section.  Students who do not initially reach the minimum level of achievement on state assessments shall be provided with a written Progress Plan which will include the types and durations of academic and educational supports and academic performance targets necessary for graduation. The Progress Plan will be communicated to the student/family and coordinated with the student’s Personal Education Plan. In addition, students may earn additional elective credits toward graduation for demonstrating proficiency on each of the sections in the English Language Arts, mathematics, and science state tests.  Results of student performance on state tests will appear on each student’s permanent transcript.


Commencing with the graduating class of 2014, NPHS will recognize students who achieve above the minimum achievement level through state assessments, course work, and performance-based assessments.  The BoR shall establish the minimum criteria necessary to earn a Regent’s commendation. NPHS may award certificates of academic and technical skill achievement and work readiness and life skills to any student who has satisfactorily completed specific course work or other standards-based activities that indicate a recognized level of knowledge and/or skills.  Certificates may be included as part of a student’s transition plan to post-secondary academic or work training programs. 


In order to receive a North Providence High School Diploma, students who transfer from another school will have their transcripts reviewed to determine if any modifications in course, credit, or PBGR requirements are warranted. Graduation decisions shall be the responsibility of the principal in consultation with the professional staff. Parents will be notified of potential graduate/non-graduate status during the fourth quarter deficiency period. Non-graduate status may be the result of any of the graduation requirements not being met. Parents may appeal the graduate/non-graduate status by submitting a written request for a hearing with the principal and appropriate staff. Results of the hearing may then be appealed through a written request for another hearing with the superintendent of schools. The appeals process shall consider all valid sources of evidence that demonstrate and document student proficiency at a level commensurate with the BoR requirements.

Approved by the North Providence School Committee on July 27, 2011