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School Improvement Plan


North Providence High School
School Improvement Plan 2016-2019
Mission Statement
The mission of the North Providence 
High School is to educate all students
in a safe, nurturing, and challenging
environment which empowers them to become
 well-rounded individuals who are life-long learners and productive members of society.
Core Values & Beliefs
all students can learn;
in a student-centered educational program that reflects rigor, relevance, and relationships
that collaboration and communication among students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community are essential;
in recognizing and adapting to the needs of our students;
in on-going evaluation of the educational program based on best practice in order to improve teaching and learning;
in high expectations for students & all other members of the school community;
in fostering and promoting literacy across all disciplines;
in an educational program that prepares students for higher education and the global marketplace of the 21st Century; and
community service learning is an essential component of student growth.
Goals and Objectives
Goal – To improve student achievement in all areas, aligned to district goals
To implement revised school-wide Action Plans in ELA & Math.
To utilize Leadership committees to revise educational programs aligned to revised R.I. Diploma System Regulations & current national research.
To continually review written curricula, PBGRs, common assessments, and instruction to the R.I. Common Core Standards (CCSS), the Partnership for the Assessment of College & Career Readiness (PARCC) state assessment, PSAT/SAT, and Advanced Placement (AP) tests
Goal – To provide on-going professional development for all faculty & staff
To provide professional development (PD) in all areas of the Diploma System, & HS redesign initiatives, including required literacy & personalization PD.
Re-establish partnership with the R.I. Writing Project through Roger Williams University to ensure literacy across the curriculum, as well as career/tech ed. partnerships to ensure program expansion
To provide PD on blended/personalized learning and technology integration.
Goal – To expand teacher collaboration and articulation with feeder schools.
To implement a best practices workshop by RIWP participants during CPT
To increase formal articulation and collaboration within and across all disciplines, as well as with feeder schools.   
Goal – To develop & implement programs to address needs of “at-risk” students. 
To implement school-wide, English, & math Response-to-Intervention (RtI) 
      Programs for remediation of identified students 
To implement a multi-layered program of personalization for each student.
To increase parent engagement and involvement.  
North Providence High School has adopted 21st Century Graduation Expectations in four skill areas that are aligned with the Rhode Island Common Core of Learning and are embedded throughout our standards-based curriculum.  We have developed a Senior Project, Graduation Portfolio, Common assessments, and school-wide rubrics to assess student progress in achieving the 21st Century Graduation Expectations. In order to achieve our stated goals, we will continue to focus our efforts to ensure that the school’s Mission, Core Values & Beliefs, and 21st Century Graduation Expectations are the driving force of teaching and learning. 
North Providence High School is a student
centered community that fosters academic
and social development for all students. 
We set high standards and expectations 
and provide the necessary means for 
students to achieve success.  Our 
students are responsible decision makers 
who are ready to be productive, life-long 
learners in a global society.